Proxy Online

Mettler-Toledo International Inc. Annual Meeting of Shareholders to be held May 4, 2017

We are pleased to offer both online proxy voting and proxy materials for our upcoming Annual Meeting of Shareholders. In order to vote through the Internet, you must be a shareholder of Mettler-Toledo International Inc. as of March 6, 2017 and follow the instructions below.

Voting by Internet

You may use the Internet to transmit your voting instructions and to request future electronic delivery of information up until 11:59 PM Eastern Time the day before the meeting date as follows:

  1. Review the Proxy Materials below
  2. If you are a REGISTERED STOCKHOLDER, holding your shares in your own name with our transfer agent Computershare, please click the following link:
    If you are a BENEFICIAL STOCKHOLDER, holding your stock through a broker, bank or other nominee, please click the following link:
  3. Enter your Control Number listed on your Proxy Card
  4. Cast your vote on the proposals

Proxy Materials
2017 Proxy Statement
2016 Annual Report